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RDM Logistics Volvo Truck
RDM Logistics Volvo Truck
RDM Logistics Technical Van


Today RDM has a fleet of 70 trucks comprising of Mercedes Actros’, Volvo FH480 Globetrotters and Scania R460’s all with the same trailer configurations.


The super-link trailers are configured with 1.2m drop sides with a carrying capacity of 36 tons into Zimbabwe and 35 tons into Zambia. The idea behind standardizing our fleet with this trailer configuration was versatility. This trailer configuration allows us to load bulk, palletized and breakbulk cargo.

Reliability and Service – RDM Logistics has a unique equipment replacement policy. Our core focus is on reliability and service to our customers. Because of this, we have a policy of keeping our fleet new and in good condition. We replace our trucks every 4 years and our trailers every 8 years. The idea behind this is that with new trucks and trailers on the road we incur less breakdowns and problems with our fleet, therefore offering our customers a more reliable service.


All of our trucks are serviced at Mercedes Benz and Volvo dealerships and trailers are serviced at approved agents. In South Africa we have a mobile technical division consisting of 4 mobile mechanics with vehicles which are out on the road doing running repairs on the trucks when in South Africa.


By having a mobile technical team we further reduce downtime and delays as our repairs are done immediately and without the delay and additional mileage of pulling the trucks into a workshop. In addition to our mobile team we have a comprehensive data base of service providers and mechanics through South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia to assist with any mechanical or technical problems.

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