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The Sushi and Panda foundation is a registered NPO that aims to improve the lives of South Africa’s township animal’s and their communities.


We have been working in Touws River Township for the last 3 years since our inception. 

To date we have spayed/neutered 1448 animals and treated, vaccinated, done tick and flea control and dewormed thousands more.



We opened The Sushi and Panda Clinic in October 2019 in the heart of the town which the people can access by foot with their animals. At the Clinic, we provide the animals with free basic vet care as well as surgeries and sterilizations. 

The animals were in desperate need of this as the nearest vet is 1 hours’ drive away and most of the people do not have access to transport, therefor the animals end up suffering if they become sick or injured. The clinic is a massive step up for our Touws River program as the animals will be constantly treated for diseases and injuries as well as being spayed/neutered regularly to keep breeding to a minimum.

We hope to then implement this business model that we have created into other townships that are in need.


To uplift the community of Touws River we have employed a local team of 4 staff members who help us. These 4 employees work at our free clinic assisting the vet as well as go door to door every day in the township to record which animals are sterilized and which still need to be done. They also go around and do general check-ups on the conditions of the animals and help educate the people on how to care for their animals properly. 

We supply our team with dog food and they ensure the street dogs are fed every day. 

By doing this we are uplifting, employing and educating the local people on top of improving the lives of the animals drastically while also educating the community on animal care.


We opened another branch of our foundation called The Sushi and Panda Haven, where we take in severely abused or abandoned dogs, rehabilitate them and then find a loving forever home for them. 

To date we have successfully rehabilitated and re homed 63 animals that were victims of abuse or neglect in the 3 years we have been running. The Haven gives animals a second chance at life 

We always need support so we can continue our work, to make sure the communities we are involved in keep improving and so we can expand into other areas that need our help.