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Megan and Ty Van der Waal and Sushi and Panda

Improving the lives
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township animals
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About Us

Sushi and Panda Foundation

The Sushi and Panda Foundation is a registered South African NPO which was established in 2017 by Megan Van der Waal. Named after her two dogs, Megan, an animal lover, started The Sushi and Panda foundation with the belief that every animal should be treated and loved the way that they are.


"There is no better way to make an impact in your community than by doing it yourself" - Megan Van der Waal


We believe in choosing a community to help, and sticking with it as a lifelong commitment. This is the only way to make a big impact and really change the lives of the animals for the better. We do not believe in spreading ourselves too thin and, therefore, have chosen two townships as on-going projects.


To date, between the two communities in which we work, we have sterilised 2037 animals (and counting), and vaccinated, dewormed and treated thousands more. We have also rehomed 304 animals that were previously abused, abandoned, or neglected.


Touws River 

We started working in Touws River township, located in the Breede River Valley, Western Cape, in 2017. Our first task was mass sterilisation drives to try and make a big dent in the overbreeding and overpopulation of companion animals and to clean up all the street dogs, while also improving the quality of life for all the animals.


We are proud to have been hugely successful in this regard and have now opened a free clinic in the township where the community can bring their animals for treatments, routine medication, vaccinations, and sterilisations. As mentioned, when you do outreach it needs to be a continuous project in order to keep the animal overpopulation down and to truly a difference.


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Lion Park Township 

We were very excited to be able to take on another community at the beginning of 2022. We started off by doing mass treatment days in the community where we vaccinated, dewormed, and treated for ticks and fleas.

Every second week, we collect animals that have been signed up for sterilisation and take them to be sterilised and vaccinated; we return them to their owners the same afternoon. Each animal is dewormed and treated for ticks and fleas, and goes home with a bag of food and blanket.

We are so excited about the possibilities our new project holds and we hope to eventually have it running like Touws River and to clean it up completely, while drastically reducing the number of animals being born and improving the lives of the existing animals going forward.



We are always in need of foster families in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. Every animal you foster allows us to take in and save another. Animals also have a much higher chance of being adopted from a foster home than a kennel environment.


So far we have rehomed 304 animals across South Africa. There are so many animals looking for amazing forever homes, so if you have a space in your home and heart, please consider adopting. You can contact Megan if you would like to apply to adopt one of our animals.


If you would like to make pet care donations, items such as blankets, beds, kennels, bowls, collars, and pet food are incredible donations which we hand out to the communities that we support. You can drop them at the following address: 100 Dunmaglass Road, Glenferness

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Sushi and Panda founder Megan Van der Waal
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