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A poverty free South Africa

Siyabonga Africa

About Us

Siyabonga Africa is a registered South African Non Profit Organisation (000-394-NPO) and Public Beneficiary Organisation (PBO 930010666), committed to eradicating poverty and bringing about positive change for the people of South Africa. We are also a certified B-BBEE enterprise.


Although we provide food, blankets, clothing and basic necessities to those who are destitute, our ultimate aim is to create environments and opportunities that enable people to find their way out of poverty. Over the past 30 years, we have developed a variety of programmes to uplift a diversity of people – from the most vulnerable to those who have the potential but lack the opportunity to become self supporting.

Poor and vulnerable people are not objects of our charity – but partners in our endeavours to find effective solutions that will lead to a better life for all. We guide people to understand that the best answers lie within themselves, and work with those who want to be agents of change for themselves, their families and future generations.

Our Mission

Siyabonga Africa acts against poverty on various levels by addressing the basic needs of disadvantaged people and giving those who can and will, opportunities to become self supported.


  • Community care and relief

  • Skills training

  • E-learning

  • Job creation

Siyabonga Africa
Siyabonga Africa
Siyabonga Africa
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