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The purpose of Siyabonga Africa, is to reduce poverty and contribute towards its elimination in South Africa, specifically the region of Ekurhuleni, Gauteng; through creating opportunities for those who have been underserved.  Ultimately, we want to see people out of poverty and in order to achieve this, we have established various programmes over the past 33 years that address poverty on different levels.  In this way we are able to reach a diversity of people in need; from the most vulnerable to those who have the potential but lack the opportunity to become self-supported. 

We believe that those who have been impacted by the harmful effects of poverty, are not objects of our charity – but partners in our endeavours to find effective solutions that will lead to a better life for all. We guide people to understand that the best answers lie within themselves, and work with those who want to be agents of change for themselves, their families and future generations.


VISION:    A poverty free South Africa

MISSION: Siyabonga Africa acts against poverty on its various levels by addressing the basic needs of disadvantaged people and giving those                  who can and will, opportunities to become self-supported.

VALUES:  Serve with gladness  |  Serve with kindness  |  Serve with excellence  I  Serve with courage  |  Serve with significance



Siyabonga Africa (meaning “Thank You Africa”) was birthed in 2004 from a community church in Brakpan which had been in existence since 1984.  The founders, Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Yvonne Dell, have been in the service of people, specifically in disadvantaged communities, for over 33 years.

Partnering with Community Leaders in the rural and informal settlements surrounding Brakpan during the late 1980’s, Mr. and Mrs. Dell began impacting the lives of the underprivileged by establishing feeding schemes, distributing clothing donations, initiating building projects, providing spiritual upliftment and contributing financially where possible.

Through their experience at grassroots level, Mr. and Mrs. Dell saw the great need to develop people through imparting skills and knowledge; helping people to help themselves by empowering people for employment or teaching them to generate their own income.

In 2004, the WAR ON POVERTY was intensified and Siyabonga Africa was launched.  The Department of Social Development partnered with Siyabonga Africa in Skills Training, Sustainable Development and ultimately, Job Creation. 

By 2007, many of the skills training programmes evolved into income generating opportunities for the students.  Siyabonga Africa ventured into developing enterprises for the unemployed; training, equipping and coaching people in business and business practises.  To date more than 300 of these projects have been established around South Africa.

Today the Siyabonga Africa runs a number of programmes geared to reduce poverty. The organisations foot print has become national, with projects implemented in every province. Siyabonga Africa exists to play a role in seeing a country free from poverty and will continue to build sustainable environments where programmes produce desired results so that suffering people can be diverted from destructive behaviours to productive lifestyles.


The more we understand about poverty and its complexity, the more effective we become!