Spreading the Love is a non-profit organization  that was started by Lizelle Oosthuizen-Anderka in 2014, delivering food parcels from her own kitchen  to families that she knew that had lost their main income overnight and were too ashamed to ask for help. But with every parcel of food,  the need for food for more families grew by the day and then she realized by only looking at the people around her, seeing no smiles on their faces, that there is a huge need everywhere around us and we need to make a difference however big or small and she started to ask for help and now we are a small group of people taking hands to make a difference however big or small, in other people’s lives. Individuals, Elderly people, children’s homes, The Rescue House for babies and toddlers, Our Crisis house, infants, abused woman, men, homeless people and animal shelters.

Wherever we see a need for food, clothes, toys, blankets, medicine etc, we give to where it is needed from what we have collected from donations received. 


Our aim is to provide nutritious and satisfying food to anyone who is hungry, whether they are struggling households or people who are homeless, sick or vulnerable. We believe that no hungry person should ever be turned away.


 We are especially focused on feeding vulnerable and abandoned children who need sufficient food and nutrition to grow and stay healthy. We want to keep people warm in the winter by sharing blankets and warm clothing, a plate of food or a food parcel.  Some people we have met have absolutely nothing at all.  We have come cross so many starving children who have had little or nothing at all to eat for extended periods.  Little one’s,  that were going to bed, hungry at night.  Every donation or contribution we receive, we take to them and make sure that these little innocent souls are taken care of. Spreading the Love has become their only source of security and sustenance even though it is often just in the form of something very small.  Something to give young and old some comfort and hope.


Every single donation or contribution, no matter how big or small, counts; food, vegetables, fruit, meat, clothing, blankets, bedding, baby formula, furniture, household appliances as well as baby accessories, to mention but a few things, fill hearts with so much joy and fill a home somewhere with hope where hope was lost and restores faith where there was little or none.,  A Small donation or contribution goes a very long way while seeing a smile on a hungry person’s face can bring so much joy to one’s heart!


Spreading the Love try to ensure that everyone from young to old at least has the barest necessities that they need in order to subsist – food for tummies, bedding and clothing for warmth, toiletries to stay clean – and every last thing is highly appreciated. Things that we often have no further use for, can be just what another needs to face the day. What we take for granted, somebody else pray for!


We are not a big organization but we do try our very best to improve the quality of life for as many as we can.  We call on everyone to understand that the struggle is very real out there for numerous people on a day to day basis.  We attempt to be the voice of the voiceless.  

Many people who are not faced with these daily challenges often seem to forget those who battle daily, less fortunate people -  from babies to the elderly, who need help to face daily struggles in order to often just survive.


People that often feel, extremely lonely, alienated and living on the fringes of society in general. People where hope is often lost and the toll of daily life overwhelming. Spreading the Love attempts to restore hope, booster self-confidence and build lives up again, allowing the recipients to rise up again and give them strength to take on the world again.


These are people from before, during and beyond our generation. Ordinary people, who have fallen on hard times due to circumstances or the path of life that they have had to walk. We need to show empathy to all and if, by contributing and being part of the solution, we can improve or make life bearable again for a single family at a time, then we will be well on our way to meeting our goals because we care about our fellow people


Spreading the Love cannot achieve our objectives without YOU!!! Your contributions and donations is what drives the initiative and everything received is appreciated more than words can adequately describe.  Something that appears small and maybe even insignificant to you might be an absolute miracle for a person or family in need.  Your sharing and caring brings hope and joy to others.  We thank you in advance for this.

Getting donations isn’t easy and there is so much need in our world.  I know we as a organization can’t fix everything but we surely can make a difference. Little by little we can get people to believe again.

Our organization focus only on people where there is no state subsidies or alterative income.  These are the cases that society forgot about and this is where we want to make a difference. Unfortunately we don’t get involved at squatter camps due to the fact that there is already more than enough assistance.

Currently under our permanent wing we have:

  • 54 Babys (Some in place of safety, some still with their parents);

  • 49 Toddler(Some in place of safety,some still with their parents);

  • 7 Children max between the ages  1 to 15jr at our personal house “Soft Landings Crisis House”in Montana (the number of children differs all the time due to them placed at forever after happy homes)

  • 17 Disabled Children to whom we supply aduld nappies, Ensure supplement and foodparcels;

  • 69 Poor and disadvantange families (Some of the families is 8 members in a family);

  • 350 Children in Total

  • 105  Elderly people to whom we supply adult nappies, Ensure Suplement and Food Parcels on a permanent basis and they are becoming more on a monthly basis.

  • We also have a SASSA House Frail Care Centre for homeless Elderly in Leeupoort, Limpopo where there is currently 7 elderly woman. We get no state subsidy for this care centre

  • At our Community Centre in Danville Pretoria we normally give bread/a meal to 350 people per day but since the Covid 19 epidemic the row of people coming for food has increased to sometimes 700 people waiting for the daily meal that we supply.



Our biggest need is and will always be food, baby nappies, formula milk, baby products, blankets and medicine.

Our wish list for food is Vegetables, Fruit, Meat,Breakfast cereals, cooking oil, sugar, coffee, rooibos tea, milk,  rice, pasta, maize meal,  pilchirds, bullybeef, toppers mince, tuna, peanut butter, jam, any canned food, toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, toiletries for boys and girls, shampoo, washing powder, dishwashing liquid, handy andy, jik, dog food, baby nappies, baby formula, baby products and any other baby accessories.




We at Spreading the Love believe that we can only succeed in helping the vulnerable if we work together with other organisations and individuals that support our mission. If you would like your organisation to get involved in our Non-profit organisation or you would like to donate a parcel of basic food please feel free to contact Lizelle 0825494174, we will collect your contribution and you will start Spreading the Love!!!