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Spreading the Love

About Us

Spreading the Love is a non-profit organization that was started by Lizelle Oosthuizen-Anderka in 2014, delivering food parcels from her own kitchen to families who had lost their main stream of income. This grew into the Rescue House for babies and toddlers, abused woman, men, homeless people as well as animals. Wherever we see a need for food, clothes, toys, blankets, medicine etc, we give to where it is needed from what we have collected from donations received. 


Our aim is to provide nutritious and satisfying food to anyone who is hungry, whether they are struggling households or people who are homeless, sick or vulnerable. We believe that no hungry person should ever be turned away. Our organization focuses only on people where there is no state subsidies or alterative income.

These are the cases that society forgets about and this is where we want to make a difference.

Currently under our permanent wing we have:

  • 54 Babys (Some in place of safety, some still with their parents);

  • 49 Toddler(Some in place of safety,some still with their parents);

  • 7 Children max between the ages  1 to 15jr at our personal house “Soft Landings Crisis House”in Montana (the number of children differs all the time due to them placed at forever after happy homes)

  • 17 Disabled Children to whom we supply aduld nappies, Ensure supplement and foodparcels;

  • 69 Poor and disadvantange families (Some of the families is 8 members in a family);

  • 350 Children in Total

  • 105  Elderly people to whom we supply adult nappies, Ensure Suplement and Food Parcels on a permanent basis and they are becoming more on a monthly basis.

  • We also have a SASSA House Frail Care Centre for homeless Elderly in Leeupoort, Limpopo where there is currently 7 elderly woman. We get no state subsidy for this care centre

  • At our Community Centre in Danville Pretoria we normally give bread/a meal to 350 people per day but since the Covid 19 epidemic the row of people coming for food has increased to sometimes 700 people waiting for the daily meal that we supply.

We at Spreading the Love believe that we can only succeed in helping the vulnerable if we work together with other organisations and individuals that support our mission. If you would like your organisation to get involved in our Non-profit organisation or you would like to donate a parcel of basic food please feel free to contact Lizelle on 0825494174, we will collect your contribution and you will start Spreading the Love!!!

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