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RDM Clearing was established in 2015 with the view to drastically improve clearing and forwarding functions in the logistics chain. Coming from a transporters background and being fully aware of the importance of urgency and efficiency at border crossings – something that is desperately missing in Southern Africa - RDM set about to fundamentally change the way that clearing agents should operate.


RDM Clearing's focus remains firmly on efficiency, accuracy and innovation, underpinned by open communication with clients at all times. Committed to providing an exceptional service and at all times and striving to add value to clients operations. We have offices at Beit Bridge, Zimbabwe, Grobbelars Brug,  Botswana, and we have recently opened an office at Komatipoort, Mozambique. Along with having a one stop shop for our logistics and clearing clients, we offer seamless clearance processes ant competitive prices. 

RDM Clearing specializes in the following services:
  • Land port import & export clearances

  • Airfreight clearances

  • SADC processing

  • Shipping clearances and port facilities

  • VAT deferment facility

  • In bond clearances

  • Warehouse entries

  • RIT (transit clearances)

  • Truck monitoring and Entry/Exit notifications

  • Comprehensive cross border documentation

  • Shipping clearances and port facilities

  • ACM Manifests

  • Warehousing

World map with logistic network distribution on background, Logistic and transport concept


RDM Clearing offers a comprehensive clearing solution throughout Southern Africa as an official registered agent and remover with bond and VAT deferment facilities with fully fledged head offices at Beitbridge, Groblersbrug, and Komatipoort border posts.


RDM is able to handle any import or export clearances, warehouse entries, XE entries, ACM manifests as well as RIT (transit clearances) through neighbouring countries. We have highly experienced and dedicated customs operators to navigate complex government regulations which ensures cargo is cleared correctly and efficiently.  

RDM's customs division utilizes teams of seasoned runners who operate 24hrs to ensure trucks move swiftly across the border and avoid unnecessary hassles from officials on the ground. 

RDM offices can handle:

  • Cash disbursement and facilitation services for transporters 

  • Permits; CVG’s, Insurances, EMA and Port health arrangement

  • SADC generation in house

  • Phytosanitary certificate collection

  • Road manifests  

RDM Clearing has developed its own in house tracking system. Clients have access to the web portal with their own login allowing them to track documents through the entire clearing process. This software also uploads all clearing documentation which is stored for 5 years. 


Comprehensive reports are sent out twice daily, as well as extensive information being available on request:

  • Clearance status

  • Foreign agent status

  • Customs issues/ delays/ stops/ queries

  • SADC status 

  • EDI releases

  • Administrative issues (incomplete/erroneous docs)

  • Truck monitoring and Entry/Exit notifications

  • Any other factors influencing clearance are tracked, reported and managed


Web portal to enable clients direct access to their information and clearance status with customs at any time.