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RDM Logistics head office is situated in Johannesburg. As a family run business, RDM logistics primary concern is service excellence, and giving customers a smooth ride, so to speak. Undoubtedly, our greatest asset in achieving this goal and what makes the business special, is our team. Consisting of fifteen operations, admin and technical personnel, as well as 56 drivers and 10 runners at the border posts. These are the components that make RDM an exceptionally well-oiled machine, which enables the business to thrive.

RDM is a family run business, with an emphasis on personalised service and ethics. The tenacious RDM team operates much like a family too, with reliability, trust and transparency. Our dynamic unit is steadfast in their commitment to unswerving service, and a driving force that makes them capable of carrying any load.


Allan Taylor


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Megan Van der Waal

Managing Director

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Dale Taylor


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