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Championing Change as a Female MD in the Transport Industry and Animal Welfare Advocate

In the spirit of Women's Day and Women's Month, we proudly shine a spotlight on Megan Van der Waal, a true trailblazer whose exceptional leadership as the Managing Director of RDM Logistics is not only reshaping the transport industry, but also making a profound impact on animal welfare in South Africa. Megan's remarkable journey is a testament to her dedication and commitment to breaking boundaries, both in the boardroom and in the hearts of animals in need.

Megan's ascent to the position of Managing Director at RDM Logistics is a triumph that transcends gender norms and expectations. Her ambitions and hard working nature has enabled her to navigate the traditionally male-dominated transport industry with unparalleled vision and resilience. By embracing her role, Megan has not only solidified her own success but is also setting an inspiring example for future generations of female leaders.

Beyond her role at RDM Logistics, Megan's heart beats passionately for a cause that speaks volumes about her character: animal welfare. In 2017, Megan established The Sushi and Panda Foundation, a registered South African NPO, named after her beloved dogs. As a dedicated animal lover, Megan's foundation is a testament to her deeply held belief that every creature deserves to be treated with compassion and care.

The Sushi and Panda Foundation's creation is a reflection of Megan's commitment to making the world a better place for animals. By providing resources, care, and love to animals in need, Megan is translating her compassion into action. Her foundation's mission is a resounding reminder that empathy knows no bounds, and Megan's dedication shines as brightly as the love she bestows upon her furry companions.

Megan's dual roles as MD and an animal welfare advocate highlight the multifaceted nature of her character. Her ability to excel in two distinct domains demonstrates her remarkable versatility, determination, and capacity for compassion. Megan's leadership in both arenas is a testament to her commitment to fostering positive change in whatever she undertakes.

As we celebrate Women's Day and Women's Month, Megan's inspiring journey as a female MD in the transport industry and her unwavering dedication to animal welfare deserve our applause and admiration. Megan's story reminds us that true leaders are those who break barriers, challenge conventions, and use their influence to make the world a better place – both for humans and our furry friends.

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