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What we do

Cross border logistics services RDM Logistics


RDM's fleet of 70 trucks with 1.2 drop sided trailers offers a versatile logistics solution for customers wanting to move bulk, break bulk and palletized cargo products between SA, Zimbabwe and Zambia. 

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Comprehensive clearing and forwarding services including import and export border clearances, VAT deferment, and  cross border documentation. All services are tailored to meet your individual needs and help make your import/export process as smooth and efficient as possible.

RDM Clearing arranges warehousing and the release and collection of cargo at Durban Port. Warehousing facilities are available in Durban and Johannesburg, and can handle containerized, loose, and hazardous cargo. Both warehouses are 10 000sqm in size and can house bonded cargo. 

Who we are

RDM Logistics is a family run South African cross-border transport company operating between South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Established in 2009, RDM has grown it's family run business into a recognized and established name in the cross-border market, currently running 70 trucks on various routes. 

RDM Clearing and Forwarding was established in 2015 and is a registered South African agent with bond and VAT deferment facilities in place across multiple Southern African border posts and ports such as Komatipoort, Groblersbrug, Beitbridge and Durban Port, as well as transit clearances through Zambia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

Why RDM?


Our vehicles are tracked and monitored 24/7 via the ICAB camera tracking system. Tracking updates are emailed to all customers twice daily, before 08:00am and an afternoon update at 16:00pm. In addition to the tracking reports we give our clients access to our live tracking platform where they are able to view trucks under load with their loads at any time of the day or night.

Technical Support

RDM has an established network of technical support throughout SA, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia. As well as its own mobile technical team which helps in reducing down time for breakdowns and repairs.

Transit Times

We believe our transit times to be extremely efficient. Our transit times from Johannesburg to Harare range from 25 to 48 hours and Johannesburg to Lusaka ranges from 72 to 96 hours


RDM Logistics has a proud history of dependable and efficient service. We only commit to our customers the volume of vehicles that we are confident we can supply on a weekly basis. Our dependability is major factor in our success.

Fuel Monitoring

In an effort to reduce fuel consumption and the resultant negative emission impact on the environment, two technicians are employed full time to download relevant data at the completion of every trip. In doing so we collect essential data including driver style, speeds, gear changing habits and more. This is all analysed and shared with the driver, resulting in clever, cleaner operating, minimizing fuel consumption and keeping costs low.​

Border Clearance

RDM Logistics has its own clearing company, RDM Clearing based at Beit Bridge and Groblersbrug. Working together with our clearing agency we ensure that all documentation is in place and pre-cleared in an effort to eradicate unnecessary delays at border posts.​


ICAB 2000 enhanced security system: The ICAB 2000 device is an onboard system that automates warnings and emergency indicators that set in motion a sequence of response measures. This device is installed in each of our trucks, with constant video surveillance, driver communication and a vast array of security features.

Vanessa Singh, Head of GDL

"RDM has consistently demonstrated exceptional proficiency and reliability in handling our cross-border clearing operations in South Africa.  Their unparalleled communication skills and dedication to accuracy leave no room for errors or inefficiencies, ensuring seamless transactions in our rapidly evolving industry. With their automated system, access to vital documents is instantaneous, enhancing overall efficiency. RDM’S unwavering expertise and proven track record have undoubtedly positioned them as invaluable partners for the Greendoor Group. We confidently recommend RDM to any organisation seeking a trusted and competent clearing partner."


100 Dunmaglass Road, Glenferness, Johannesburg,
South Africa, 1684

Contact us


Dale Taylor: 0829050275
Megan van der Waal: 0829050277

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